What are you doing to build your business?

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I got a really nice email from a client who we met with last week. We had a relatively brief meeting, with a little bit of product knowledge, some hands on training, and a short discussion on ways she could market her online store to current and new clients.

Here is an excerpt from her email:

"Thank you for the information that you sent since we saw each other. I have placed an ad on Kijiji , and I have updated my Facebook ad, I have also called another esthetician to give me a hand on the next 3 Thursdays, and will put her to work on collecting our e-mail list."
- Sylvie Lapointe
Esthetique Facial Angle, Ottawa

That's what she's done in the last week, based on our discussion. Bear in mind she is an esthetician with MANY years of experience, a full clientele, offering services about 50 hours per week. It's fair to say she doesn't have a lot of spare time.

When building a business, it's about the small things. Sylvie knows that these few tasks aren't going to revolutionize her business overnight, but she doesn't plan to be working all those hours for a lot longer. She has a plan, and she's working it.

What's YOUR plan? What things, big and small, are you doing to achieve your goals?